June 16, 2022 11:00 AM

Dude, Where Are Your APIs?

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As we increasingly rely on APIs to drivebusiness, there is the danger that your rapidly changing API inventory is notwell understood.

Moving at speed means issues – like RogueAPIs, Shadow APIs, Zombie APIs, and deprecated endpoints – can arise. Do youknow what APIs are exposed? Do you know how they’re being used? Do you know ifthere’s anything wrong with them?


Just as most cybersecurity frameworks requireyou to actively manage all your digital assets (like endpoints, servers, andnetwork & edge devices), you should also inventory, track, and correctissues in your API portfolio.


In this webcast, we will discuss how WallarmAPI Discovery helps you get a handle on your API estate. We will discuss howto:

• Manage your API portfolio, toreduce your API attack surface

• Understand sensitive data flows,to reduce your compliance risk

• Create a single source of truthabout actual API usage, to improve governance

Our speakers:

Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz

VP, Security Solutions at Wallarm

Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt

Head of Product Marketing, Wallarm