wallarm for RETAIL & ECOMMERCE

Invest in Clients Security

For innovative retail organizations that want to deliver the best customer security, Wallarm provides scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for seamless app and API security. This allows ecommerce companies to innovate faster and transform customer experience while detecting API abuses and ensuring safety of customer data.

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Ensure compliance regulations

Wallarm protects websites, APIs and microservices from OWASP Top 10, bots and application abuse with no manual rule configuration and ultra-low false positives.

Protect both legacy and most modern apps

Get a robust security layer for both apps that are actively developed as well as some of the oldest apps that sometimes even not possible to patch.

Get better security controls

Replace incumbent web application firewall (WAF) to achieve advanced security controls and visibility and fewer maintenance issues.

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“With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as a code approach.”
Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi
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APIs and services protected
Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.