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wallarm for financial services

PCI DSS for financial aPI and apps

Whether you’re a growing company in the world of banking, insurance, wealth management, or investments, delivering the best possible security for the data, apps, and customers at scale can be a challenge. With Wallarm, you can ensure all stay safe and sound while you meet compliance requirements.

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98% of the world top 100 Fintech startups are vulnerable to web & mobile application attacks.


Cross-site scripting (XSS) are the most common vulnerabilities across fintech projects.


62% of the Fintech main websites failed PCI DSS compliance test.

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Address your web & applications security challenges. Today.

Ultra-low false positives

98% of Wallarm customers use Wallarm WAF in fully blocking mode

Hybrid architecture

Integrate Web & API protection right into publicly exposed endpoints without extending security perimeter.

Adaptive Rules

Rely on dynamic blocking rules instead of static signatures for each application and API.

API protection

gRPC, REST, JSON, XML, SOAP and dozens more protocols supported without any configuration.

Hear signal from the noise

Distinguishes real vulnerabilities from millions of irrelevant attacks

Built-in Scanner

Build-in Scanner

External vulnerabilities scanner

With more than 120 security feeds connected

Multi-platform deployment options

NGINX, NGINX Plus, Kubernetes Ingress, Kong API Gateway, AWS, GCP, Docker, Envoy

Easy to manage

Discovered Vulnerabilities are prioritized & reported in the Wallarm console UI & also can be dispatched to any supported integrations like Sumo Logic, Rapid7, Splunk, Slack, e-mail, OpsGenie, PagerDuty

Platform agnostic

Bare metal, cloud providers, K8s, your own platform, or a mix of everything

DevOps friendly

Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, RESTful API for management

Multi-tenancy management

(“Single pane of glass” approach): Unified web panel and API to manage all deployed application firewall instances. Perfect for large Enterprises & MSP’s

Dev Friendly. Enterprise-scale

Hundreds of Fortune500 customers already rely on Wallarm

Public and Multi-Cloud

Deploy across any Public or Multi-Cloud environments


You don't need any extra team efforts to fine-tune rules

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.