A CISO's Guide to Cloud Application Security

The following guidelines will help senior stakeholders set strategy to secure modern applications, learning:

  • The new challenges enterprise security faces;
  • How to assess risks in your organization and determine exposure;
  • Technology changes that introduce application insecurity;
  • Organizational responses for addressing application security

Applications are the operational mechanism for how a modern enterprise conducts transactions and uses data. Whether internal or customer-facing, apps are critical for your successful business operations. Thatmeans securing apps should be a business priority.

It was simpler to ensure the security and availability of applications when IT physically resided on-premise. The rise in the use of cloud, mobile, and wireless and the rapid pace of application DevOps has complicated app security. Application security touches many aspects of the enterprise. Strategic planning is fundamental to aligning the organization’s application security architecture with its new generation cloud strategy — and its risk tolerance.

This guide provides strategy considerations for senior stakeholders securing modern applications. It provides related advice for risk assessment, technologies that affect the app security equation, and organizational issues that will provide a path to effectively help your enterprise protect apps fueling the lifeblood of IT operations.

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