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It's 2022. Your APIs demand better protection than just WAF.

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Modern API Protection Built for Modern Challenges

Whether you protect some of the legacy apps or brand new cloud-native APIs, Wallarm multi-cloud platform provides key components to secure your business against emerging threats.

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API Threat Prevention

Secure your exposed and internal APIs against API OWASP Top 10 and more.

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WAF Replacement

Protect modern applications on the web scale and meet security compliance.

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API Discovery

Identify APIs that require protection and discover vulnerabilities.

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ATO Protection

Stop account takeover and credential stuffing with flexible rules.

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Bot Mitigation

Identify and stop bad bots from performing malicious actions.

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API Security Testing

Automate API security testing as a part of your CI/CD with Wallarm FAST

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Wallarm is the platform DevSecOps teams choose to build cloud native APIs securely.

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“With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as a code approach.”
Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi
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