Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
Meet Wallarm at RSA 2024!
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API Leak Management

Wallarm API Leak Management provides a comprehensive answer to the recent surge in hacks involving leaked API Keys and other API secrets. It enables automatic discovery of leaked API keys and secrets, implementation of controls to block their use, and protection against any follow-on attacks.

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Fill out this form to get a free assessment of any leaked API secrets from your domain, including API keys, credentials, private specifications, etc. Upon submission, a security specialist will review your request to confirm your information. We expect to deliver your report within 72 hours of confirmation.

**We require a business email from your corporate domain.

Complimentary API Leaks Assessment

Get a thorough understanding of your risk exposure due to leaked API keys and other secrets.


Fill out the form on this page. One of our security specialists will review your request and confirm your information.


We will scout our 20+ sources for any leaked API keys and other secrets – with no impact on your APIs themselves.


We expect to deliver your report on your risk exposure due to leaked API keys and other secrets within 72 hours of confirmation.

Do You Need API Leak Management?

API Leak issues are getting worse! In recent months the industry has been abuzz with news about attacks involving leaked API Keys and other API secrets. For instance:

Circle CI Logo

CircleCI posted an advisory in early Jan-2023 regarding a presumed breach of their systems, potentially putting 1000s of organizations at risk.

Slack Logo

Slack notified the development community on the last day of 2022 that some employee tokens were stolen and misused to gain access to their GitHub repository.

LastPass Logo

LastPass finally admitted in late Dec-2022 that an earlier breach back in August, in which credentials and keys were obtained, allowed an adversary nearly unfettered access to a cloud-based backup system, putting end users’ password vaults at risk.

Travis CI Logo

Travis CI continues to have issues, with the latest coming from researchers who reported in mid-2022 that they had found over 73,000 tokens, secrets, and various credentials.

While API Key leakage incidents are not new, they seem to be accelerating now. Why?

Engineering teams are on ever-tightening schedules, which means shipping faster with less QA coverage.

Tech stacks are getting more complicated – securing both legacy and modern APIs, supporting more authentication/authorization methods, enabling more tooling diversity used by different teams, and covering more environments – which leads to mistakes and accidental leakage.

Software supply chains are getting longer and more complicated, which means these leaks can occur anywhere – by your in-house teams, by your partners, by the open-source code being used, or even by your customers.

Guard Against Leaks of Your API Keys and Secrets

The Wallarm API Leak Management solution is offered via the Wallarm API Security Platform, and provides proactive runtime API leak management capabilities delivering continuous automated detection, remediation, and protection:


Wallarm automatically scans scores of public sources for leaked API secrets, which hackers can find and abuse in less than 1 minute.


Wallarm immediately blocks requests using compromised API secrets across the entire API portfolio, regardless of protocol.


Wallarm also continuously tracks and blocks any subsequent use of leaked API secrets.

Detect Remediate Protect Illustration

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.