Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
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Test APIs for Security Issues

As the number of APIs continues to grow, many teams are struggling with how to innovate while also ensuring security and compliance. While the shift-left concept has been around for years, it remains a challenge even for the modern orgs to successfully integrate API security testing into their engineering process.

  • Regain control over your API attack surface and reduce associated risk
  • Inventory, track and correct issues based on actual user traffic
  • Identify and remediate risky APIs based on real-time traffic and OpenAPI specs
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Introducing Automated API Testing

Wallarm enables modern organizations to ship code faster while staying secure. By discovering vulnerabilities before they go live in production, Wallarm allows teams to reduce risk and fix issues early as a part of its DevOps process.


Purposely built to test APIs


Test APIs that discovered with API Discovery. Remediate risk with Threat Prevention.


Works with any CI/CD. Granular configuration per any team or pipeline.


Leverage pre-existing tests sets but also enable teams to develop custom tests

3 Ways of Testing


Automatically Test Based on OpenAPI Specs

Leverage user-provided and/or auto-generated OpenAPI specifications to audit APIs and generate tests for development pipeline.

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Growing API Surface Illustration


Leverage Existing QA Investment

Extend existing QA Automation to security

Changing Threats


Create and Deploy Custom Tests

Leverage the framework to create custom tests using YAML.

Create and Deploy Custom Tests Illustration

Ready to Protect Your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.