Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
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HIPAA compliance for Healthcare API

For innovative healthcare organizations that want to deliver the best patient experiences, Wallarm provides secure, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for seamless API security layer. This allows providers to ensure protection for the patients data (PII) while meeting HIPAA compliance requirements.

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Ensure healthcare compliance regulations

Web Layer Protection that ensures HIPAA compliance.

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Protect both legacy and most modern apps

Secure APIs that are actively developed as well as some of the old applications that are sometimes hard even to patch.

Get better security controls across your infrastructure

Replace incumbent web application firewall (WAF) to achieve advanced security controls and visibility and fewer maintenance issues.

Securing your cloud-native apps and APIs

Wallarm protects websites, APIs and microservices from OWASP API Security Top 10, bots and abuse with no manual rule configuration and ultra-low false positives.

Backend for web and mobile apps

  • OWASP Top 10 (Injections, XXE, RCE, etc.)
  • API Abuse
  • Credential stuffing

IoT and medical devices

  • Supports JSON, XML, WebSocket, gRPC, GraphQL
  • Automatically recognizes different protocols/formats and applies chain of parsers

Partner APIs and portals

  • Detect API endpoints, logic, & context
  • No manual Swagger or schema
  • Uploading

Legacy and outdated apps

  • Detect API endpoints, logic, & context
  • No manual Swagger or schema
  • Uploading
“The ability to meet HIPAA guidelines for PHI compliance and to be able to provide the service at a reasonable price point were important in the decision to go with Wallarm. Both API Security and Web Application Firewall are very important to help manage and support a complex healthtech product such as iMedNet.”

Gary Johnson, Infrastructure Architect @ MedNet


False Positives

See how Wallarm can help to secure your APIs, apps, and data

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