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Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
Join us at Black Hat USA 2024!
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Wallarm Security for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Enterprise-Grade API Protection

MuleSoft is a leading integration and API management platform known for its expertise in connecting enterprise applications and services through an API gateway. The Wallarm policy for MuleSoft adds a layer of API protection to the MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

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Partner Solution Brief

Better Together

The synergy between Wallarm and MuleSoft creates a robust "Better Together" scenario for customers, delivering potent and proven API protection to organizations. With Wallarm's expertise in Advanced API Security and Cloud Native WAAP at the forefront, customers gain a robust protective solution. This, combined with MuleSoft's deep knowledge in API governance, lifecycle management, and developer experience, results in a comprehensive approach to API management that is both secure and efficient

API Gateway

  • API management (create, publish, document, and analyze APIs)
  • Pre-built connectors and templates to common SaaS apps
  • Anypoint Platform provides a unified environment for integration
  • API-led connectivity quickly connect SaaS, on-premises, and custom apps

Wallarm Advanced API Security
& Cloud Native WAAP

  • OWASP API Security Top-10 risks (Injections, BOLA, etc.)
  • Automated API Discovery and Inventory (new / changed endpoints, PII data, etc.)
  • API Abuse and Misuse Protection
  • API Security Testing / Misconfiguration Detection
  • Block Malicious traffic sources (Tor actors, geos)

Customer Benefits

Explore the benefits and advantages of integrating Wallarm API protection with MuleSoft's API management platform.

Seamless Policy Integration

Wallarm integrates effortlessly into MuleSoft via custom policies, enhancing security without proxy modifications.

Advanced API Protection

Wallarm's runtime API security fortifies MuleSoft, offering virtual patching, bot protection, and more.

Holistic Solution

Combining MuleSoft's API management with Wallarm's runtime security creates a comprehensive solution.

Effortless Deployment

Wallarm's non-invasive reverse proxy deploys easily in front of MuleSoft.

Enhanced Analytics

Wallarm's analytics bolster MuleSoft's threat visibility.

Automated Protection

Wallarm automates API security, saving time compared to manual hardening.

The synergy between Wallarm and MuleSoft creates a robust solution for customers, delivering potent and proven API protection to organizations. This combination unlocks a host of security benefits for organizations which reduce the need for continuous and costly manual intervention.

Use cases

When considering Wallarm use cases and deployments, this solution is the top choice for harnessing the integration of Wallarm and MuleSoft in the following scenarios

Seamless Policy Integration

Effortlessly integrate Wallarm's security policies into your MuleSoft environment without the need for any proxy modifications, ensuring smooth operations while enhancing security.

Advanced API Protection

Bolster the security of APIs and benefits like virtual patching, bot protection, and real-time threat prevention to defend against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Automated API Discovery and Inventory

Maintain an updated inventory of APIs, and use Wallarm's automated discovery features to help manage and protect data more effectively.

Enhanced Threat Analytics

Wallarm's advanced analytics provides deeper insights into potential threats, providing a clearer and broader view of potential vulnerabilities
and attack vectors.

API Misuse & Abuse Protection

Defend against unintended use or malicious abuse of your APIs. Wallarm ensures that the MuleSoft Anypoint platform remains resilient against such threats, keeping operations secure and consistent.

Shield Icon

Automated API Security

Wallarm's automated protection features significantly minimizes the time and resources traditionally devoted to manual security. This ensures ongoing protection of your MuleSoft environment against threats, without the necessity for constant manual intervention.

Comprehensive API Protection

MuleSoft's integration and API management platform streamline connectivity and data integration by seamlessly linking enterprise applications and services through an API gateway, serving as the primary access point for client applications. When Wallarm Policy is integrated, enterprises can significantly bolster API security within the MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

The accompanying architectural diagram provides a visual representation of the traffic flow when Wallarm Policy is connected to APIs on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

This integrated solution involves deploying the Wallarm node and incorporating policies into the designated platform. This setup directs traffic to the external Wallarm node for analysis and protection against potential threats. Referred to as the Wallarm connector, this component serves as a critical link between various platforms like Azion Edge, Akamai Edge, MuleSoft, Google Apigee, AWS Lambda, and the external Wallarm node. Through this approach, we ensure seamless integration, secure traffic analysis, risk mitigation, and an overall enhancement of platform security.


To secure APIs on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform using Wallarm policy, follow these steps:


Deploy a Wallarm node using one of the available deployment options.


Obtain the Wallarm policy and upload it to MuleSoft Exchange.


Attach the Wallarm policy to your API.

Get started with Wallarm API Protection today.

Hundreds of Security and DevOps teams choose Wallarm to get unique visibility into malicious traffic, robust protection across the whole API portfolio, and automated incident response for product security programs.


Enterprise customers


Integrations and platforms


Protected apps and APIs

With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as code approach.


APIs and apps protected

Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.