September 16, 2020 5:00 PM

Cloud Next-Gen WAF for APPs and APIs in 2020

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Who should attend:
  • #DevSec #AppSec professionals
  • CISO community
  • Organizations with legacy or no WAF security solutions
Join us webinar session & you will learn:
  • Why Wallarm had selected Section as MCDN platform partner
  • How customers will be able to speed up trial & deployment of Wallarm WAF Cloud-only product at Section platform
  • New solution details
  • New Wallarm WAF Cloud-only pricing & SKU’s

Section’s Edge Compute Platform was uniquely designed to improve site performance, scalability, and workflow across your entire organization. The modular architecture allows for easy and flexible deployment of best-in-class solutions, like Wallarm, across an expansive global edge network without requiring changes to your centralized infrastructure.

Built by practitioners for practitioners, Wallarm provides out-of-the box protection for your applications, APIs and microservices. DevOps and Security teams get unparalleled visibility into the malicious traffic, noise-free alerts in their existing tools and automated incident response for the live attacks. Hundreds of customers rely on Wallarm to protect both legacy applications and modern APIs built with the most comprehensive tech stack (REST and SOAP, gRPC, graphQL).

Wallarm is the only solution with the active components. Build-in Security Scanner assess your entire organization perimeter. Get through the traditional WAF’s noise & focus on real threats with automated incident response! Leverage automated rules tuning, integration with SIEM/SOAR/DevOps tools, and smart notification engine to get alerts in Slack, PagerDuty, and Kibana.

Lear more:

Our speakers:

Yury Larichev

Yury Larichev


Stepan Ilyin

Stepan Ilyin

Co-Founder of Wallarm