Wallarm FAST

Wallarm Framework for Application Security Testing (FAST) enables ongoing security testing as a part of CI/CD.

With continuous integration and continuous deployment applications are not shrink-wrapped software anymore, applications are a service. To protect this service, security and test automation needs to become a continuous service as well.

Improves security test coverage in minutes:

  • Tests single page applications and APIs
  • Identifies security issues including OWASP Top10
  • Tests for vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Gray-box tesintg
  • Expandable with no coding

Aligns security and development into a unified pipeline:

  • CI tool agnostic (GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc)
  • can be embedded anywhere

Automatically generates relevant focused tests:

  • Leverages existing tests that developers typically have in place
  • Applies application-specific fuzzing
  • Fine-grain control with policy
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