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Mukhaddin Beshkov
Verified Expert
20+ years IT expertise in system engineering, security analysis, solutions architecture. Proficient in OS (Windows, Linux, Unix), programming (C++, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Bash), DB (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL). Skilled in scripting (PowerShell, Python), DevOps (microservices, containers, CI/CD), web development (Node.js, React, Angular). Successful track record in managing IT systems.
API Security
API Security OWASP

Solutions Architect

Dec 2022 - Present · 5 mos

Wallarm: API Security Leader by G2

San Francisco, Bay Area, Full Time, 7 yrs 11 mos

Solutions Architect

2020 - Nov 2022 · 2 yrs 11 mos

Information Technology Administrator

2017 - 2020 · 3 yrs

Security Analyst

2015 - 2017 · 2 yrs


Information Technology Administrator

2010 - 2013 · 3 yrs, Full Time


Full Time, 8 yrs 1 mo

Senior System Engineering

2005 - 2009 · 4 yrs

System Engineer

2001 - 2005 · 4 yrs

  • Knowledge of operating systems: Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Experience with network protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, FTP)
  • Programming languages knowledge: C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash
  • Database operations: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of the main principles of building and configuring IT systems, including experience with virtualization, cloud services and monitoring
  • Security awareness (IDS/IPS, Anti-virus, EDR), understanding of ITIL, ISO 27001.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages: PowerShell, Python
  • Microservice architecture
  • Containerization and orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/EKS
  • Rest API development
  • Web application development technologies: Node.js, React, Angular
  • CI/CD and Automation Deployment skills
  • Protection against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Development of API protection measures


Information Security System Professional (CISSP)

ISC Cybersecurity

Issued Jan 2014 · Expired Jan 2015

Microsoft Certified Professional

MCP Field Of StudyComputer/Information Technology Administration and Management

Issued Jan 2003 · Expired Jan 2005

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