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July 15, 2020 5:00 PM

Covid-19: Changing the way we work in InfoSec world

Over the past 4 months, everyone has been thrust into a new way to work and collaborate. We all started from different places, worked differently, and had different priorities. These different initial states, catalyzed by the need to change very quickly, resulted in many different outcomes on the "new way to protect our org, and iterate on infosec initiatives". Let's explore some unique outcomes that came about 4 months post-COVID. What got harder, what was unexpected. But also, most interestingly, what were some pleasant surprises? How can we try to double down on the good while we continue on this COVID journey?

Topics that we plan to cover at our session

  • Collaboration between Marketing & Sales tech and Compliance in post-COVID time. What are the sales automation priorities now
  • Corporate network access for remote workers: VPN VS Public Cloud solutions. Ease of use & security challenges. Change of priorities & maintenance costs
  • SOC 2 compliance in the post-COVID environment. Challenges with employees onboarding & offboarding. 2FA solutions.
  • How to detect your applications/API vulnerabilities before your data breach?
  • How to manage your InfoSecurity data stream in common SIEM/DevOps tools? Importance of data management unification for remote workers
  • How to detect a signal from the noise? Why Wallarm customers use WAF in “fully blocked” mode?

Learn more:

API Security Guide

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Our Speakers

Ivan Novikov
CEO at Wallarm
Yury Larichev

Our Speakers

Ivan Novikov
CEO at Wallarm
Yury Larichev

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