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Case study

Tipalti Case Study

Tipalti: “We handled it”.

  • Industry: Fintech
  • Product purchased: WAF and API Protection
  • Wallarm node infra environment: standalone server NGNIX node module installation
  • What's protected: web applications and multiple APIs
  • Customer requests: California CCPA or EU GDPR requirements

By automating the whole payables process, Tipalti is modernizing the most archaic practice within the business world. But Tipalti is more than just technology. Behind the platform are people who know that payables is all about, well, people. Employees, suppliers, partners, company leaders—those who have long accepted the status quo, believing they had to perform the job manually. Tipalti team believes they can do more with their potential. It’s for them the company is named after a Hebrew expression. Tipalti: “We handled it.”

Tipalti began in 2010, when digital networks lacked the technology to manage mass payments to global partners. By creating a platform that automated this complicated problem, Tipalti saved them time and helped them avoid hiring additional payments staff. Every growing company needs an intelligent, holistic approach to eliminate payables friction.

Tipalti’s comprehensive approach to automating accounts payable streamlines the entire bill-to-pay-to-reconciliation cycle. The platform manages all interactions between the payer and the payee to provide end-to-end control and optimize the entire AP workflow, future-proofing your operations for mass scale.

Tipalti platform includes a number of apps and APIs that require constant protection against modern threats. Tight integration with existing toolchain, easy deployment in AWS, and robust API protection were among key requirements.

“Security is a top concern for us, with over $11 Billion in remittance going through our systems yearly and a rapid pace of change in our apps fit for a hyper-growth company. Wallarm is a key partner for us in our application security mission. Their capabilities in stopping web attacks, providing visibility on events, on our apps, and handling false positives are irreplaceable!

Where we find Wallarm to be a distinguished security partner for us is in their superb support and false positive’s management, two things you can’t go without when application security is key and no compromise on coverage or resilience is acceptable.” - Alexander Getsin, Senior Information Security Architect, Tipalti

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