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Case study

Semrush Case Study

An overview of the playing field

Semrush is one of the world’s leading competitive research services for online marketing. In spite of rapid growth, Semrush remains loyal to the fundamental values that got it to where it is now—seamlessly adapting to change above following a strict plan, and always placing individuals over processes. They needed that same adaptiveness and commitment to people in an optimized security solution.

Quick service volume growth and an expanding feature set made it obvious that a better security application was required for Semrush.

Wallarm was identified for its ability to adapt to the application’s unique features. Immediately, the results were obvious. Wallarm protected from brute-force attacks and identification of vulnerabilities.

Unlike other solutions, as Wallarm ran, the data collected from the filtered traffic showed a potent longer term advantage. The solution got better, learning as it ran. It proved its ability to adapt over time with advanced AI and grow with the company.

Here is the way Wallarm played out…

“We have some unusual features in our web application, so we needed a company that could adapt their product to us.”


Semrush depends on a proprietary web application architecture for their business, covering four international offices and a global clientele. They needed a modern working solution that could:

  • Block various web attacks and improve vulnerability fixes
  • Offer a professional team and fast support
  • Grow with their business without obstacles

AI action plan. Get ready. Then, get set and GO!

Initially, Semrush deployed Wallarm in a string environment and conducted functional and load testing. Wallarm filtration nodes were then deployed as installed NGINX dynamic software modules.

After the solution successfully passed the testing, it was deployed in production and underwent a period of AI training. Once AI training was completed, the solution was switched into blocking mode.The solution was further adjusted to the specific Semrush environment with the help of Wallarm technical support. Within 14 months of launch, Wallarm had visibly increased the number of filtration nodes to keep up with the company’s growing infrastructure.

“Wallarm is a good solution for us. We successfully identify and block attacks on our product, without dedicated effort from our security team and getting excellent protection.”


A key factor for selecting Wallarm is its ability to adapt to a fast-growing infrastructure and utterly unique feature set. “We have found that Wallarm is able to adapt successfully and continue to secure our web application as it evolves”. Wallarm provides protection for most of Semrush’s needs, including brute-force attacks on customers. Notifications about vulnerabilities in their service enabled ultra-quick fixes, “significantly reducing the risk of exploitation”.

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