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Report: Path To DevOps Success

How to manage customer experience and meet the requirements? In DevOps terms, maintaining a picture of requirements means managing user stories and mapping these onto releases so decision makers can know when they are delivered.

Does DevOps fundamentally weaken security? In DevOps, pace of development is top-of-mind in development decision making, particularly when utilizing external software and platforms, while security is often an afterthought. This challenge is further magnified as the threat landscape is rapidly changing, with new threats and vulnerabilities.

What to do if the data sources are legacy? Integrating a legacy system creates multiple dependencies, all of which need to be logged and managed. Maintenance teams and DBAs need to be treated as part of the extended DevOps organization

Find answers to these and many other burning DevOps questions along with the state of the industry analysis and best practice recommendations in the new 37 page DevOps report from GigaOm Research.

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