Securing Apps and APIs in 2023:
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Application Security Trend Report

“With the advent and continuing influence of the shift-left movement among the AppSec community, the role of application developers in the fight against vulnerabilities has increased steadily over the past several years.” DevOps professionals and modern businesses need to prepare for coming changes.

Respondents were asked “how their organizations determine sufficient security testing for their applications. Alarmingly, 42% of respondents reported that security testing is never sufficiently covered.”

Developers may be willing to take on the mantle of increased security responsibility as AppSec shifts left, but not enabled. Have business environments created the right pathways, tools, and technical resources to developers succeed in designing for security?

In the report, read about trends in:

  • Data on where developers are in security knowledge
  • Secure coding techniques and testing strategy for Appsec, like protecting from buffer overflow
  • Architecting and designing for security
  • Future trends and how to scale Application Security Testing

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