Securing Apps and APIs in 2023:
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One Solution to Protect Them All

End-to-End API Security

Wallarm is the only solution that unifies best-in-class API Security and WAAP (Next-Gen WAF) capabilities to protect your entire API and web application portfolio in multi-cloud and cloud-native environments.

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Go beyond OWASP Top 10. Get full coverage for API specific threats, account takeover, malicious bots, L7 DDoS, and more — in one platform.

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Best API Security

Protect your REST, SOAP, gRPC, graphQL, and WebSocket-based APIs.

Single Dashboard

At-a-glance insights into security posture across your app portfolio.


No noisy alerts or false positives, or headaches to deal with.


Streamline incident response with complete visibility, smart triggers, and active threat verification.

  • Automated Exploits Validation
  • Attacks Insights
  • Chain of attack tracking
  • Advanced analysis for quick response
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  • Automated Exploits Validation
  • Attacks Insights
  • Chain of attack tracking
  • Advanced analysis for quick response
Complete visibility

Drill down into malicious requests and track sequence of attackers actions.

Automated Response

Surface the most urgent issues with Active Threat Verification.


Stay informed 24x7 with your favorite Security and DevOps tools.

Know What You Have, Protect What You Have


Get the visibility, monitoring and protection capabilities across your entire API portfolio required to regain control over your API attack surface and reduce associated risk.

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Know your API Portfolio

Discover all your APIs, so you can improve control of your attack surface and reduce risk.

Compare Actual to Spec

Automatically create OpenAPI (Swagger) specs based on actual traffic, so you can ensure security team has full visibility.

Monitor Sensitive Data

Understand sensitive data usage, so you can ensure compliance and reduce risk of improper exposure.

Segment your APIs

Differentiate assets in your portfolio, so you can tailor your security program to focus on critical needs.

Monitor Changes in your APIs

Get alerts when new APIs pop up or when existing APIs change, so you can minimize API drift and guard against protection gaps.

Detect & Respond to Threats

Quickly search for and assess latent or active threats, so you can remediate issues before they become problems.


Automate security testing of your APIs and web assets. Prioritize remediation for every asset, in every environment.

  • CVE/CWE checks
  • Fuzzing
  • Cloud-based scanning
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API Security Testing

Easily incorporate security testing into CI/CD pipelines using existing QA tests.

Frictionless Assessment

Scan your exposed assets for misconfiguration and security issues.


Provide you dev team with issue descriptions they will like.

  • CVE/CWE checks
  • Fuzzing
  • Cloud-based scanning
deploy in hours. not days

API Gateway Integrations

Wallarm API Security natively deploys with industry-leading API Gateway solutions. Depending on the API gateway your organization uses, you can easily install Wallarm.

Deploy now—>

Quick integrations

Setup cross-team workloads via your existing DevOps and security toolchain

API and Webhooks
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General Webhooks

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Public API

DevOps tools
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Splunk SIEM

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Sumo Logic SIEM

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Rapid7 InsightConnect

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Splunk Phantom

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Cortex XSOAR (Demisto)

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Microsoft Teams (soon)

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More Integrations
Ready to protect your APIs?

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