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Modern API-focused Security Tools for Modern API Threats

API Threat Prevention

The Wallarm API Threat Prevention module, delivered on the Wallarm API Security Platform, provides comprehensive real-time API threat protection, allowing you to:

  • Detect and mitigate advanced API threats which jeopardize your internal and end-user operations.

  • Prevent API-focused abuse from bots and DDoS attacks which disrupt critical business services.

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API Security Challenge

Do You Need API Threat Prevention?

As you adopt an API-first approach to support customers, partners and internal operations, you need API-focused protection of your growing API portfolio from these security challenges.

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Growing Attack Surface

The explosive growth in API use, both internal and public-facing, is leading to a rapidly changing API portfolio with a great number of them unmanaged – which means a sizable and expanding attack surface.

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Focused API Protection

OWASP API Security Top-10 risks (Injections, BOLA, RCE, etc.) and other advanced API threats are on the rise – which requires a new API-first security approach to mitigate organizational risk.

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Sensitive Data Protection

More organizations are pushing more sensitive data through their APIs, including PII, financial & health data, credentials and more – which increases the danger and impact of unintentional or malicious disclosure.

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API Abuse Prevention

API bot, L7 DDoS and other automated behavioral attacks are increasing – which can lead to ATO & carding attacks, disrupt end-user experience and put business-critical services at risk.

How Wallarm Helps

Comprehensive API Protection

Wallarm API Threat Prevention automates API threat protection and API abuse prevention with no manual rules configuration and ultra-low latency & false positives.


Protect all your API assets regardless of protocol – from REST and SOAP to GraphQL, gRPC and WebSocket – from API-specific risks.


Identify, consolidate and prioritize unique API risks, from OWASP API Security Top-10 threats to API abuse, to optimize security team effectiveness and workload.


Assess and remediate any weaknesses which open you up to attack and automatically implement rules to protect against any further assaults.

Features & Benefits

Security for Cloud-Native APIs

Wallarm API Threat Prevention provides comprehensive protection against API threats across your entire API portfolio.

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OWASP API Security Top-10
  • Provides full coverage against API-specific threats (Injections, BOLA, RCE, etc.)
  • Delivers API threat detection & response via single tool
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Advanced API Protection
  • Enables session / token management to limit automated abuse
  • Limits inappropriate exposure of sensitive data (PII, API keys, etc.)
  • Continuously scans and mitigates vulnerabilities
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Blocks API Abuse
  • Stops application layer Denial-of-Service (L7 DoS), account takeover (ATO), and credential stuffing attacks with flexible rules
  • Guards against crawler & stuffing bots, spiders and scanners
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Full Protocol Support
  • Supports REST, SOAP GraphQL, gRPC, WebSocket
  • Recognizes different protocols / formats automatically and applies chain of parsers to detect encoded malicious payloads
How It Works

Improve API Security. Maintain Privacy.

At the foundation of the Wallarm design ethos is privacy, flexibility and performance.

Flexible Deployment
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Inline deployment of our hybrid SaaS solution involves two main components: server-side software that deploys in your infrastructure within minutes and our powerful cloud-hosted analytics backend.

Where It Works

Easily Deploy Advanced API Security

Wallarm API Threat Prevention is delivered via the Wallarm API Security platform, which supports SaaS, public / private / hybrid cloud, or on-prem deployment.

It integrates into your existing API gateways, proxies, load balancers, and ingress controllers to ensure that all your external and internal APIs are discovered, cataloged, analyzed, and secured.

Learn More
Workflow Simplification

Cloud-Native Integrations

Wallarm integrates easily into your existing workflow, reducing learning curve and duplicative effort – and improving time-to-protection.

Collaboration tools
Security tools
DevOps tools
Universal integrations
General WebHooks
Public API
Learn More
Security for the Modern World

End-to-End API Security. Delivered.

Wallarm provides the comprehensive API security you need—where and how you need it.

Delivers advanced
API security
In any
Against sophisticated API threats
Our Customers

Trusted by Security & DevOps Teams Globally

Fortune 500 and many other of the world’s largest tech companies rely on Wallarm to protect their APIs and web applications.

Enterprise customers
Protected apps and APIs
API requests protected, daily
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“With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as a code approach.”
Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi
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APIs and services protected

API Protection Case Studies

Want more? Here are some supplemental material to learn more about Wallarm API Threat Prevention.

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.