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Strong Foundation for Outstanding API Security

API Security Platform

The Wallarm API Security Platform delivers the fastest, most efficient way to find and stop API attacks. It provides the foundation for:

  • Our integrated product suite to protect your entire API and application portfolio
  • Deployment anywhere, including multi-cloud and cloud-native environments
  • Integration into your existing DevOps and Security workflows.
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API Security Challenge

Do You Need an API Security Platform?

Protecting APIs and web applications is crucial for modern organizations. This requires tools focused on detecting and responding to modern attack methods – and a platform which supports all those capabilities and integrates into your existing workflows.

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Alert Fatigue

DevOps and application security teams are already inundated with security-related alerts which require too much effort to triage, investigate, and remedy – which adds non-productive overhead and slows release cycles.

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Security stacks are costly and complex to deploy, learn, use, and manage, especially if multiple products are required to achieve desired end goal – which complicates security operations and makes them time-consuming and less efficient.

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Ineffective and inefficient security stacks requiring multiple disconnected steps and manual processes / workflows makes it difficult to know what and where your risks are, and how to fix them – which degrades your security posture and opens you up to attacks.

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Products requiring steep learning curves, dedicated skill sets, and extensive on-going maintenance add to the management and operations overhead – which strains resources and results in a suboptimal API security and ROI.

How Wallarm Helps

Comprehensive Protection of Cloud-Native Applications

The Wallarm API Security Platform provides Security and DevOps teams the foundation to support improved API and web application protection effectiveness – and to reduce alert fatigue, complexity and overhead.


Affords full spectrum protection for both modern APIs and legacy web applications, from visibility and detection to prevention and response, and central management & reporting across all products and services – to improve your overall cloud-native application security posture.


The hybrid SaaS approach supports multiple deployment options, including SaaS, public / private / hybrid cloud, or on-prem, and integrates into your existing API gateways, proxies, load balancers, and Ingress controllers – to protect your cloud-native applications no matter where they are.


Provides tightly coupled plug-and-play products and services, along with extensive support for partner ecosystems and third-party integrations – to reduce tool sprawl and complicated, inefficient workflows.


API Security Made Easy

Wallarm API Security Platform provides the underlying infrastructure for all Wallarm products and services, along with deployment and integration support, required to better protect your customers and internal users.

Structure. Wallarm API Security Platform delivers everything you need – from core technology to full-spectrum protection to services & support needed – to discover, protect and respond to attacks against your cloud-native applications.

  • Inventory all your assets automatically
  • Map and track changes in exposed APIs and services
  • Reconstruct API and app topology from the traffic
  • Identify sensitive data usage
  • Secure against OWASP Top 10
  • Mitigate API specific threats
  • Block bots and L7 DDoS
  • Monitor threats with complete observability
  • Drill down into malicious requests
  • Receive alerts on only the incidents that matter

Full-Spectrum Protection. Wallarm API Security Platform delivers the power of our Advanced API Security and Cloud-Native WAAP solutions – to protect against OWASP Top10 risks and other emerging threats.

Advanced API Security

Provides comprehensive API protection against OWASP API Security Top-10 risks and other advanced API threats – including comprehensive visibility into your API estate, detection and remediation of API vulnerabilities and threats, and protection of sensitive data.

Learn More
Cloud-Native WAAP

Provides next-gen web application & API protection (WAAP) against OWASP Top-10 risks – including unified protection to stop emerging threats and eliminate false positives while extending your existing security stack.

Learn More

Core Technology. Wallarm API Security Platform allows you to deploy in any environment and enables integration into your existing security stack – to produce unmatched benefits for DevOps and Security teams charged with securely delivering and supporting cloud-native applications.

  • Designed for privacy, flexibility and performance

  • Hybrid SaaS approach offered "as a service"

  • Supports all protocols (REST, SOAP, GraphQL, gRPC, WebSocket)

  • Enables easy installation in any environment

  • Serves up tightly coupled plug-and-play products and services

  • Provides prevention, detection, and response capabilities via single platform

  • Delivers comprehensive visibility across entire API estate

  • Applies security coverage that spans all API threat vectors

  • Facilitates central management and reporting across all products and services

  • Bolsters DevSecOps effectiveness and efficiency in support of sweeping API Security

  • Maintains extensive support for partner ecosystems and third-party integrations

exceptional customer care

World-Class Services and Support

Wallarm provides ongoing security and technical support to all subscribed customers – to ensure your API security program is performing optimally and staying ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Security Services. Wallarm API Security offerings are supported 24x7 by a dedicated SOC staffed by an experienced team of API security experts. This team provides every customer with the following threat hunting, security monitoring, and incident analysis & response services.

Technical Support. Wallarm API Security offerings are backed by our experienced and resolute Technical Support team of product experts – around the clock, every day of the year.

Technical Support
  • 24x7 Support – Portal, Email, Live Chat (Slack), Video Conference

  • Deployment Assistance – Installation, Configuration, Hardening, Migration

  • Training – Self-paced (docs), Quarterly Group Sessions, Private Sessions (by request)

Contact Support
What Our Customers Say

“Very helpful and responsive support team”

“Wallarm support is outstanding”

“I'm glad that the technical support was always in touch and responded promptly to our requests”

“Support team is super friendly and ready to help 24/7"

Quality of Support
API Security Average: 9.1

How It Works

Improve API Security. Maintain Privacy.

At the foundation of the Wallarm design ethos is privacy, flexibility and performance.

Flexible Deployment
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Inline deployment of our hybrid SaaS solution involves two main components: server-side software that deploys in your infrastructure within minutes and our powerful cloud-hosted analytics backend.

Where It Works

Easily Deploy End-to-End API Security

The Wallarm API Security Platform supports SaaS, public / private / hybrid cloud, or on-prem deployment. It integrates into your existing API gateways, proxies, load balancers, and Ingress controllers to ensure that all your external and internal APIs and web applications are discovered, cataloged, analyzed, and secured.

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Workflow Simplification

Cloud-Native Integrations

Wallarm integrates easily into your existing workflow, reducing learning curve and duplicative effort – and improving time-to-protection.

Collaboration tools
Security tools
DevOps tools
Universal integrations
General WebHooks
Public API
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Security for the Modern World

End-to-End API Security. Delivered.

Wallarm provides the comprehensive API security you need—where and how you need it.

Protect any API
In any environment
Against any threats
Our Customers

Trusted by Security & DevOps Teams Globally

Fortune 500 and many other of the world’s largest tech companies rely on Wallarm to protect their APIs and web applications.

Enterprise customers
Protected apps and APIs
API requests protected, daily
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“With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as a code approach.”
Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi
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APIs and services protected
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Additional Resources

Want more? Here are some supplemental material to learn more about Wallarm API Security Platform.

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.