Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
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API Attack Surface Management

An innovative solution designed for organizations to gain comprehensive control over their expanding API ecosystems, detect API attack surfaces, assess coverage and eliminate API leaks.

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Introducing API Attack Surface Management

Enhancing Protection - with API Leaks Detection

Identify leaked API secrets in the public domain.

API Leaks Detection - Specialized Layer of Security

API Leaks Detection introduces a specialized layer of security, concentrating on the unintentional exposure of sensitive API information. This synergy guarantees a robust and thorough defense against a multitude of API-related security threats.

Transformation with Wallarm API Attack Surface Management

Before API Attacks Surface Management

Organizations face limited understanding of their API vulnerabilities, exposing them to hidden attacks and unmitigated risks. This uncertainty can lead to surprise attacks or finding publicly exposed APIs. While they might use solutions like API gateways the lack of thorough discovery data could mean missing some threats. Moreover, without the ability to detect leaked API secrets, businesses are at risk of experiencing breaches that may be revealed by external sources

With API Attacks surface management

With API Attack Surface Management, customers gain a comprehensive inventory of their API attack surface. This includes a detailed list of all APIs, the risks associated with them, and the protective measures in place. Customers can proactively utilize WAAPs offered by Wallarm for API protection and governance. Additionally, it provides the capability to search for and catalog any leaked secrets, thereby enhancing security confidence and diminishing risk.

Transformation with Wallarm API Attack Surface Management

Licensing and Packaging

API Attack Surface Management is available on a subscription based on the number of 'discovery seeds' an organization may wish to add. It offers flexibility as a standalone product or in conjunction with Wallarm's Cloud-Native WAAP or Advanced API Security solutions. AASM is available to Free Tier customers with a single discovery seed included.

Getting Started

To embark on your journey toward fortified API security. Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with Wallarm's API Attack Surface Management and API Leaks Detection solutions. Attain unparalleled visibility and control over your API ecosystem, safeguarding your digital assets against the evolving threats of the digital age. Reach out to Wallarm today to explore how these solutions can augment your strategic approach to API security.

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The preferred choice for Security and DevOps teams seeking unparalleled Visibility, Comprehensive API Protection, and Automated Incident Response in product security programs.


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With Wallarm, we've been able to scale API protection to the scale we need and manage with our infrastructure as code approach.


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Gustavo Ogawa, Head of Security at Rappi

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.