Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
Introducing Credential Stuffing Detection
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Wallarm Q2-2023 API ThreatStats™ Report Reveals Upsurge in API Attacks

July 13, 2023

The complexity of API attacks has also escalated dramatically over past year.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wallarm, the globally recognized leader in API security, has published its comprehensive API ThreatStats™ Report for Q2 2023. The data reveals an alarming upsurge in the threat landscape, with a monumental 514% rise in detected API attacks compared to the same period in the previous year. These revelations underline the urgent and increasing necessity for robust, effective enterprise API security and threat detection mechanisms.

The Wallarm API ThreatStats™ report provides an in-depth and insightful analysis for organizations, addressing the burgeoning issue of API security threats. The detailed report is a critical resource for enterprise decision-makers, providing them with actionable intelligence to strengthen their API security posture.

Key findings from the report that demand immediate attention include:

  • A significant 63% of all HackerOne bug bounty rewards paid in the current year have been attributed to API security vulnerabilities, representing an expenditure of $26,490 in the last quarter alone.
  • The total number of unique API attacks has seen an unprecedented surge, witnessing a 60% increase year over year from Q1’23 to Q2’23.
  • The complexity and consistency of API attacks have also escalated dramatically. The average volume of malicious requests per API attack sequence has risen from 22 to 30 this quarter, up from just 5 in Q2’22.
  • The rapid proliferation of API exploits across various sectors, including AI hardware, enterprise infrastructures, DevOps tools, and cloud providers' management software, has necessitated a renewed focus on API security. Recognizing this critical need, Wallarm is committed to maintaining its leadership position in API security research and offering actionable insights to enterprise security professionals.

Wallarm's API ThreatStats™ report also provides a comprehensive analysis of significant API exploits for the quarter, offering detailed insights across categories such as the Fastest, Most Viral, Most Dangerous, Most Sophisticated, Top AI-related, and notably, the Top Enterprise exploits.

"The ubiquity of APIs has inevitably amplified their potential risk," said the Wallarm API Security Research Team. "APIs serve as direct gateways to data, elevating their risk profile. Hence, we have tailored our report to focus on the most impactful vulnerabilities and exploits of the quarter, providing crucial information for enterprises."

In response to the ever-evolving threats, Wallarm offers cutting-edge API security solutions, empowering businesses to safeguard their digital assets effectively and bolster their defense against these potent threats.

To obtain a copy of the Q2-2023 API ThreatStats™ Report, please visit

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