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GoTestWAF is a security tool to evaluate your WAF performance.
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GoTestWAF generates requests with predefined, basic payloads as well as attacks specific to different APIs (REST, SOAP, XMLRPC). It sends them to the application and analyzes the responses to generate a detailed report in the console output or as a PDF.

It gives clear results and indicates which of the attacks are detected with your existing appsec solution and what ways attackers can still hit your apps. GoTestWAF is a tool to test WAFs, RASPs, and WAAP for application and API attacks, not just CGI payloads from 90th.

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Why GoTestWaf?

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See which WAF/WAAP is better in what it should do the best - attack detection

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Learn what ways attackers can still hit your apps

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Indicate which of the attacks are detected with your existing appsec solution

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Get clear results of your WAF perfomance

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