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G2 Grid Report | Spring 2023

The Preferred API Security and WAF Partner

Wallarm End-to-End API Security is the platform preferred by DevSecOps teams to build & protect world-class cloud-native applications. Quarter over quarter, customers confirm that the Wallarm platform is the leader in delivering both API Security and Web Application Firewall (WAF) protections. See why 95% of users are likely to recommend Wallarm WAF and API Security.


Why Customers Love Wallarm

Wallarm consistently receives accolades as a “High Performer” which is “Easiest To Do Business With” and with whom customers have a “Best Relationship.” Customer laud Wallarm for our focus on providing world-class support and rich customer experiences. We’re committed to being a partner rather than just a vendor, and work hard to nurture and sustain enduring relationships.

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"Application Security Umbrella for your company"
Leader: Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Wallarm API Security Platform is a leader in Web Application Firewall (WAF) on G2
Leader: API Security
Wallarm API Security Platform is a leader in API Security on G2

Wallarm is a Leader in Both API Security and WAFs as Reported by G2 Users

Wallarm is the only vendor named a Leader in both the G2 Grid Report for API Security and the G2 Grid Report for WAFs. In addition, customer feedback bestows kudos in multiple other categories because of very high Customer Satisfaction scores.

We have achieved among the highest scores in the “meets requirements”, “ease of admin”, “ease of setup” and “ease of use” categories. 100% of users have rated us 4 or 5 stars, and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is among the highest of all vendors.

We also have a large market presence, serving organizations big and small in multiple industries, including Engineering, Banking / Financial Services, Information Technology, Computer Software, and many others.

Wallarm Next Gen WAF is a Leader in the G2 Grid Report for WAFs. Wallarm Advanced API Security is a Leader in the G2 Grid Report for API Security.
Customers know they can rely on Wallarm to protect their cloud-native apps.

End-to-End API Security and WAF Protection. Delivered.

Protect any API
In any environment
Against any threats

What People Are Saying About Wallarm

Our customers love us for our high performance and reliability, as well as our security monitoring, detection & response, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

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Application security umbrella for your company

Most of the beauty of Wallarm that it allows you to cover both of the needs: an active scanner and WAF at once, so configure tools once you are getting protection and security health checks in one platform.

Mark D


Simple to use and effective

It has a very clean user interface, has a Kubernetes self-hosted option, and is primarily a set it and forget it system.

Jim J

COO & Co-Founder

The best WAF and team

Wallarm is one of the best cloud WAF for web applications.The advantages over the rest are a quick and easy way of integration, effective protection mechanisms against Brute Force attacks, good technical support, which is always ready to go to a meeting and help in solving issues of any complexity.

Stas L


Ready to Protect Your
Cloud-Native Apps and Infrastructure?

The Wallarm End-to-End API Security solution eliminates the weaknesses of legacy WAF, while improving performance, scalability and coverage for modern DevSecOps teams. 

Contact us to book a demo or set up a free trial.

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