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Wallarm DAST

Wallarm vulnerability and incident detection module discovers application-specific issues and actively verifies threats to find high-risk incidents among a large number of irrelevant attacks.

Discover exposed assets

  • Network perimeter: domains, IPs, and services
  • Real-time alerts when new assets get exposed
  • Dozens of discovery techniques: subdomain enumeration, BGP and DNS smart lookups, RIPE records analysis, etc.

Identify vulnerabilities

  • Misconfiguration issues
  • 1000+ known CVEs
  • Actionable tickets with exploit examples

Be faster than hackers

  • Actively verify malicious payloads from the attacks
  • Pinpoint high-risk incidents
  • Find app-specific vulnerabilities hackers could exploit

Automated Vulnerability Detection and Task Generation

Adaptive Security Platform

Being a part of Wallarm Security Platform, NG-WAF and DAST leverage each other’s capabilities. DAST gets unique insights into the application or API logic reconstructed from the traffic. In turn, WAF is able to supplement data about detected attacks with data about the incidents, detected by the scanner checks.

Dev-Time Testing

Wallarm FAST incorporates its built-in knowledge and automation of security into CI/CD processes. The product generates and runs security tests based on the regular functional tests, Wallarm proprietary fuzzing technology, and a database of known threat payloads.

"In our DevOps process we conduct testing to detect vulnerable areas and weak-spots. Our engineers can then remove all discovered vulnerabilities, each of which is described in detail."


Active Threat Verification

Wallarm DAST uses attack data captured with Wallarm NG-WAF module. For every malicious request, Wallarm extracts its payload, attack type, and application endpoint and then generates scanner checks. If the attack was targeting an existing application flaw, Wallarm DAST identifies this vulnerability and creates a ready-to-use ticket.

Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.