Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
Join us at 2024 API And Application Security Summit in Columbus!
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Attacks, Vulnerabilities

What is a Bot? Types and mitigation methods.

PC bots and web bots are basically remarkable instruments that, similar to some other instrument, might be used for both awesome and evil purposes.

Exceptional bots complete strong undertakings, regardless, horrendous bots – regardless called malware bots – pass on hazard and can be utilized for hacking, spamming, spying, intruding, and trading off regions, considering everything. It is reviewed that up to half of all web traffic today is contained PC bots doing certain undertakings, for example, mechanizing client care, repeating human correspondence on relaxed affiliations, assisting relationship with looking on the web for substance, and helping with site plan improvement.

What is a Bot? Types and mitigation methods.

Bots are used by associations and individuals to accomplish standard endeavors that would some way or another require a person. When appeared differently in relation to human activity, bot-get things done are habitually clear and completed at a far speedier rate. Though not all undertakings performed by bots are thoughtful – once in a while, bots are utilized for bad behaviors like information robbery, tricks, or DDoS assaults.

Bot – definition

An Internet bot is a product application that uses the web to execute computerized works out. Tries run by bots are routinely fundamental and performed at a lot higher than human Internet improvement.

A 'bot' – short for robot – is a thing program that performs mechanized, repeated, pre-depicted errands. Bots regularly copy or dislodge human client lead. Since they are mechanized, they work a lot speedier than human clients. They do obliging cutoff points, for example, client backing or mentioning web search contraptions. Regardless, they can besides come as malware – used to manage a PC.

Bots are normally discovered working all through an organization; they channel content, collaborate with pages, partner with customers, and search for attack centers to address the fundamental larger piece of web traffic. Unequivocal bots are useful, for instance, web searcher bots that save material for future journeys or client care bots that offer assistance to clients. A couple of bots are "terrible," in light of the fact that they are planned to hack into client records and journey the web for contact information to disperse spam or partake in other dangerous activities. If a bot interfaces with the web, it will be designated an IP address.

How Bots Operate

How Bots Operate

Bots, a significant part of the time, work through an association. Bots that can talk with one another will do as such through online organizations like advising, Twitterbot interfaces, or Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Bots are made using sets of calculations that assist them with dealing with their undertakings. The various kinds of bots are masterminded especially to achieve a wide assortment of assignments.

Take chatbots as one model – they have various systems for development:

  • A standard-based chatbot interfaces with individuals by giving pre-portrayed prompts for the person to pick.
  • A mentally self-administering chatbot will utilize AI to benefit with human responsibilities, comparably as giving explicit thought to known watchwords.
  • Artificial understanding chatbots are a mix of rule-based and mentally self-administering chatbots. Plus, chatbots may additionally utilize arrangement coordinating, common language managing, and standard language making mechanical congregations.

There are expected gains and drawbacks to each – affiliations which use bots will pick which approach is best settled on their necessities.

Types of Bots

Here are various types of bots and the ways they exist.

  1. Spider or crawler bots

Information on the internet is sorted through the use of hyperlinks by web crawlers and spiders which are popularly known as spider bots. Spiders associate with site content utilizing HTML and different segments like as CSS, JavaScript, and pictures.

On the off chance that your site has a ton of pages, you may put a robots.txt document at the base of your web specialist to illuminate bots which pages they can access and how regularly.

  1. Scraper Bots

Scrappers are bots that read data from sources to save them pulled out and engage their reuse. This may show up as scratching the entire substance of pages or scratching web substance to get unequivocal subtleties zeroed in on internet business districts' names and expenses.

Web scratching can be a weak condition; sometimes, scratching is real and might be allowed by site page proprietors. In different conditions, bot controllers might be excusing site terms of association or, all the more terrible, utilizing hacking to take delicate or got information.

  1. Spam Bots

A spambot is an Internet gadget endeavors to collect email beneficiaries for the purpose of spam mailing records. A spam bot can amass messages from protests, online media regions, affiliations, and affiliations, using the evident arrangement of email addresses.

After aggressors have amassed a colossal diagram of email addresses, they can use them not solely to send spam email yet additionally for other horrendous purposes:

  • Credential stuffing—mixing messages with essential passwords to get unapproved permission to accounts.
  • Form spam—therefore embeddings spam, similar to advancements or malware joins, into structures on notable destinations, normally comment or information structures.

Spambots can suffocate worker data movement and increase expenses for Internet Service Providers, in addition to the immediate harm caused to end customers and affiliations harmed by spam campaigns (ISPs).

  1. Social Media Bots

One social networking platforms, bots do a lot. They are used to deliver messages, promote ideas, and perhaps pose as a customer's lover. They can also be used to construct fictitious profiles in order to recruit supporters. According to studies, social bots account for 9 to 15% of Twitter accounts.

Social bots can be used to attack gatherings of people and used to spread coordinated ideas and notions. Since there is no requesting rule dealing with their activity, social bots recognize an essential part in the standard online appraisal.

Social bots can make fake records (anyway this is getting more vexatious as friendly affiliations become more present day), increment the bot manager's message, and produce fake fans/likes. It is difficult to see and facilitate all around arranged bots since they can show a huge load of like lead to that of certifiable customers.

  1. Download Bots

Download bots are PC programs that aggressors may use to download programming or advantageous applications. They might be utilized to affect download plans, for example, getting downloads on exceptional application shops and supporting new applications in appearing at the most essential characteristic of the application store rankings. Basically, one can use them to attack download protests, making fake downloads a piece of an application-layer Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

  1. Ticketing Bots

Ticketing bots are a mechanized method to manage buy licenses to prominent occasions, made plans to exchange those tickets for a benefit. This improvement is unlawful in different nations, and amazingly if not obstructed by law, it's anything but a weight to occasion facilitators, ticket dealers, and purchasers.

Ticketing bots will be very refined when everything is said in done, duplicating human ticket purchasers' exercises. For example, in a couple naming spaces, the degree of tickets purchased by means of robotized bots comes to from 40% to 95%.

Why do Cybercriminals Prefer using Bots?

When someone tries to carry out a cybercrime, the priority is to do it stealthily and succeed at it. Bots are very helpful in this scenario. They can act without getting caught, can perform the same action multiple times, can be duplicated for multiple nodes/systems to perform the same operation, and can eliminate the chance of leaving the actual criminal’s digital fingerprint if required.

Attackers use bots for following (and more) purposes:

  1. Data Stealing

Bots or botnets are often deployed to fool buyers/customers and steal their data or money. They are mostly used in phishing attacks and identity thefts. 

Bots can start to steal data from a user’s device as soon as it infects a system. The stolen data can be used to steal financial or business-critical data from users. This data helps the attackers steal money or mimic the victim, causing severe damage to the person (or people/organization) affected.

  1. Affecting or Bringing Down Services/Sites

The amount of machines/attacks required to bring down a system is very high in general, and using actual humans will make the process costly. Being feasible, botnets are the reason behind almost every DDoS or DoS attack that has happened till now. 

Bots can flood a service and cause it to process a huge traffic all of sudden. The same will result in slowing down or bringing down of the service. Such attacks have affected big networks and enterprise services too.

  1. As a Ransomware

Whether it is a DDoS attack or data-stealing, if the purpose of hackers is to fetch money through such disruptions, bots become ransomware. Once the cybercriminal succeeds at an attack, the infected system or network will not be in control of the actual administrator/owner. 

Now, the hackers will either ask for ransom or use the acquired node(s) for running their agenda – which will most probably be against the political or non-political belief/stand of the victim. The acquired resource, if holding a much higher value for the victim than the ransom, will make profit for the attacker, as the victim (when there is no other ray of hope) will agree to pay the amount.

  1. For Extra Earning

Not all bots or botnets are designed for malicious purposes. Some are just to improve the productivity of its owner. However, as the practice being used is illicit, the person using it cannot be kept out of the cybercriminal category either. 

Here, you may think of bots publishing hundreds of comments on various forums/sites to improve a site’s search engine ranking. Their activity can trouble the affected site owners and degrade their SEO ranking if the attackers are publishing spam links.

  1. For Leasing them to other Criminals

As botnets can be used for various purposes as per the script they run or the task they perform, there are various hacktivist groups and hackers who lease their botnets or zombie systems to other cybercriminals. The borrowers, in this case, perform illegal actions like phishing, identity-stealing, data-stealing, scamming, bringing services/sites down, ransom-collection, politically-motivated promotions, and so on.

Good Bots vs Bad Bots - What's the difference?

To mechanize moral and lawful commitments, moral organizations utilize great bots. Awful bots are those that were intended to computerize unlawful or unscrupulous undertakings.

Good bots are utilized for a scope of occupations that help clients and give significant information. By far most of bots scan the Internet for content, including web crawler bots that examine site pages to record information. To offer more noteworthy self-assistance support, different bots, including client care bots, banter with clients.

Cyberattackers consistently control bad bots in their endeavors to inflict damage or take licensed innovation. Inconsistent bots might be utilized to get to client accounts, send spam, or perform other unwanted exercises.

Types of Bots
Types of Bots

Examples of Real Life Bots

Bots are utilized in an expansive scope of regions because of their span and assortment, including client assistance, business, search utility, and diversion.

Occasions of outstanding organizations which use bots incorporate:

  • Moment dispatch applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.
  • Chatbots like Google Assistant and Siri.
  • The World Health Organization created a bot on WhatsApp to share public information related to the Covid pandemic.
  • Public Geographic produced a conversational application that evidently talked like Albert Einstein would need to propel their show Genius.
  • News applications like the Wall Street Journal, to show news highlights.
  • Spotify, which grants customers to search for and share tracks through Facebook Messenger.
  • Lyft, Uber's most prominent opponent, empowers customers to set expectations utilizing Slack, Messenger, and Alexa.
  • Mastercard grants customers to check their record trades using the Facebook Messenger bot.
  • Lidl made a bot to help make wine recommendations to customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bots


Bots are not only used in criminal activities but for other reasons too. Here are a few points that confirm bots are beneficial in many ways:

  • Bots can perform repetitive tasks any number of times;
  • Using bots instead of humans can reduce operation’s cost;
  • Bots can be deployed to work 24 hours a time, without any holidays;
  • They can be used to for various purposes and can be customized;
  • Bots can make your services instantly available for clients;
  • They can improve service quality, end-user experience, and reduce wait time;
  • When one action is to be repeated for 100s or even millions of users, bots are more useful.


As they are advantages, bots could be harmful too. Here is how botnets can harm the victims if used by hackers or users if used incorrectly:

  • Bots may end up doing the same task for different commands, causing frustration or bad user experience;
  • Maliciously-coded bots can harm services, extort money, expose data, and do more such problematic things against the victim.
  • If a legit botnet is attacked and compromised, it can be used for evil-doings.
  • Bots require programming and management by a human team.

Do Bots Avoid Detection?

Bot technology has progressed throughout the last decade. Initially, bots were content hitting a site to recover information or perform works out. These substance would not perceive treats and didn't parse JavaScript, making them easily noticeable.

As time goes on, bots got more astounding, enduring treats and parsing JavaScript. Regardless, they could, in any case, be seen enough since they used dazzling site partitions, not absolutely human customers.

The going with development was the usage of headless endeavors like PhantomJS—these can cycle site content totally. Despite the way that these endeavors are more capricious than head bots, headless endeavors really can't play out all exercises that veritable customers can.

The most reformist sorts of bots rely on the Chrome program and are essentially unclear from authentic customers. These bots even reenact human new development, for instance, tapping on-page parts.

How You Can Detect Bot Traffic with Web Analytics

Following a couple of cutoff focuses you can use in a manual check of your web assessment to see bot traffic hitting a webpage:

  • Traffic plans

Odd spikes in dynamic time gridlock may show bots hitting the site. This is particularly unquestionable if the traffic occurs during odd hours.

  • Skip rate

Abnormal highs or lows may be a sign of unsavory bots. For example, bots that hit a specific page on the site and from that point on switch IP will appear to have 100% ricochet.

  • Traffic sources

During a dreadful attack, the key channel sending traffic is "prompt" traffic, and the traffic will incorporate new customers and parties.

  • Worker execution

A break in server execution may be a sign of bots.

  • Dubious IPs/geo-regions

There is a development in the headway to a faint IP range or a district you don't work together in.

  • Dubious hits from single IPs

Unlimited hits from a specific IP. Individuals normally a couple of pages and not others, while bots will continually request all pages.

  • Language sources

Seeing hits from various tongues, your customers don't overall use.

The amount of the recently referenced is essentially bot activity alerted flags. Note that particularly modified fiendish bots may leave a genuine, customer like etching in your online investigation. Utilizing a submitted bot with a managerial improvement that contemplates total detectable quality of bot traffic is an ideal choice.

Signs Your Computer is Infected

Signs by which you can tell if your PC is has been implicated in a botnet attack include:

  • Your PC keeps on slamming without a conspicuous clarification.
  • Applications that as of late worked impeccably now work in fits and starts.
  • Tasks which as of late stacked quickly are by and by postponed to start.
  • The PC devours a large portion of the day to shut down or doesn't shut down true to form.
  • Your web access moves back to a killjoy.
  • The program features portions you didn't download.
  • Windows Task Manager shows programs with dark names or portrayals.
  • Settings have changed, and it is totally difficult to alter them.
  • Spring up windows and notification appear regardless, when you are not using a web program.
  • The fan goes into overdrive when the device is idle.
  • Friends and family report getting email messages from you, yet you didn't send them.
  • You can't download working system invigorates.

Basic bot mitigation measures

There a few clear gauges you can take to forestall a few bots and diminish your openness to bad bots:

Spot robots.txt in the foundation of your site to portray which bots are permitted to get to your site. Remember, this is just powerful for dealing with the slither examples of essential bots and won't get against hazardous bot movement.

Add CAPTCHA on join, remark, or download structures. Different wholesalers and premium districts place CAPTCHA to forestall downloads or spambots.

Set a JavaScript alert to educate you with respect to bot traffic. Having appropriate JavaScript set up can go presumably as a ring and alert you at whatever point it's anything but's a bot or basically indistinguishable fragment entering a site.

Advanced methods of bot mitigation

Bots are attacking numerous online customer touchpoints, including sites, portable applications, and APIs, which is a worry for clients. Shielding your PC from bots is possible, yet it takes carefulness and comprehension of what to search for.

Follow these measures to defend your frameworks from botnet infiltration:

  1. Installation of anti-malware programs

To ensure your gadget, use sweeping enemy of malware programming. Some enemy of malware programming constantly stops infections and malware while likewise keeping software engineers from distantly assuming responsibility for your PC. Also, ensure your enemy of contamination and against spyware applications are refreshed consistently.

  1. Utilize a solid secret keyword

A powerful secret password comprises a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a new secret key for each record. In addition, a securely hidden phrase administrator is recommended.

  1. Do not click on links you don’t know.

You could click site connections or read correspondences in the event that you believe in the source. Nonetheless, clients are presented to essential customer hazards when they get content from sketchy sources or from associates who don't have current protection and coincidentally give polluted data to different customers.

When downloading data or documents from someone whose PC isn’t protected, always use extreme caution. In a tainted PC, avoid using streak drives or thumb drives.

  1. Check to see if all of your software is up to date.

It would be best if you never overlooked system upgrades. Check for browser and operating system updates and patches on a routine basis.

  1. Keep away from suspicious sites and random advertisements.

A typical way clients are fooled into downloading malware bots is through charming advertisements or downloads they run over during web perusing. Be careful about downloading free forms of programming from sites you don’t perceive, and never click on spring-up advertisements that guarantee no one. Still, they can fix your PC’s presentation or infection issues. Interacting with these pages will almost always result in malware being installed on your device.

  1. Utilize a bot administrator

Associations can stop malicious bots by utilizing a bot supervisor. Bot directors can be incorporated as a feature of a web application security stage.

You can utilize a bot director to permit the utilization of specific bots and square the utilization of others that may make hurt a framework. To do this, a bot administrator will group any upcoming solicitations by people and great bots and known malignant and obscure bots. Any presume bot traffic is then coordinated away from a site by the bot supervisor.

Some essential bot administration highlight sets incorporate IP rate restricting and CAPTCHAs. IP rate limiting will restrict the number of same-address-demands, while CAPTCHAs regularly utilize a riddle to separate bots from people.

Keep in mind, great bots are a significant piece of the web’s foundation and perform numerous helpful errands. However, terrible bots are hard to recognize without an enemy of infection program since they are intended to hide by not really trying to hide. Along these lines, it is imperative to know about the dangers presented by noxious bots and practice excellent network protection consistently.

  1. Set up a firewall.

You may protect your computer from malicious attacks with the help of a firewall.


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