Get up and running in 15 minutes

wallarm cloud WAF and API Protection

Rely on first-in-its-class Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) with full support of API technologies including REST, SOAP, WebSocket, graphQL and gRPC. Wallarm Cloud WAF seamlessly protects your applications, APIs, and serverless workloads, with just a single DNS change.

Deploy protection
in minutes. Not weeks or months

Get benefits of CDN: caching, image optimization, etc.

Pay as you go. Flexible packages for SMB and startups

How it works

Unlike default cloud WAFs, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs with no manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance allowing the team to focus on different tasks. It scales. It works.

How Wallarm WAF better?

Protects APIs and microservices (RESTful API, GraphQL, gRPC)

For migration to multi-cloud / multi-CDN environments

Meet PCI DSS, SOC2 and other compliance requirements

Near-zero False Positives with automatic tuning

98% of the customers use Wallarm WAF in full blocking mode

Get Security and Developers into shared workflows

Attack detection. Done right.

Protect APIs and apps.

Real-time blocking. Near zero latency

  • OWASP Top 10 Threats

  • Account Takeover

  • Business Logic Attacks

  • Misconfiguration Issues

  • API Abuse

Combination of unique detection techniques

  • No RegExps. Period.

  • Strong Bypass Resistance

  • libDetection, signature-free based on grammar analysis

Gain Low TCO.
Near-zero False Positives

Stat using WAF in blocking mode.

  • Wallarm’s new libDetection and core signature-less attack detection provides low false positive from day one.

  • Metadata continuously collected from nodes to refine rules to make them application-specific

  • Real-time blocking. Near zero latency

  • 24/7 team of analyst

The Only WAF that automated incident response workflow

  • Automate assessment of every detected attack with Active Threat Verification component.

    • Prioritizing potential security incidents

    • Reduce noise almost to zero

    • Finding app-specific security issues

  • Report incidents into SOARs and other DevSecOps tools

  • Create actionable tickets for your engineering team


Quick integrations

Setup cross-team workloads via your existing DevOps and security toolchain

API and Webhooks

General Webhooks

Public API

DevOps tools





Splunk SIEM

Sumo Logic SIEM



Rapid7 InsightConnect

Splunk Phantom

Cortex XSOAR (Demisto)



Microsoft Teams (soon)


More Integrations
Ready to protect your APIs?

Wallarm helps you develop fast and stay secure.

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